If you’re looking for an awesome game to play on your console, you’ve come to the right place! This year has seen some amazing games for consoles – from unusual to colourful – so there is definitely a lot to explore. Here is the list of the best games for console in 2017!


This amazing game is made by Nintendo and can be played on Nintendo Switch. It is a bright and colourful fighting game which features a bunch of interesting characters which duel with cute robotic arms. Suitable for both kids and adults this game is immensely fun, and if you play with Switch motion controllers, you’ll be getting one hell of a workout!


This is definitely one of the most unusual games of the whole decade. In this game, you get to explore time, space and being, and the whole game is set to quotes from the famous philosopher Alan Watts. So if you want something that is at the same time strange and comforting, Everything is the right choice for you!

Gravity Rush 2

This successor is even better than the first one! Play Kat, the lead character, and have fun swooping through the air in an interesting futuristic city. Battle enemies and get completely immersed in this amazing fantasy game which provides freedom and action at the same time!

Hitman: the Complete First Season

If you had fun playing this bald assassin before, you won’t be disappointed with this newest edition. This open-world game brings plenty of action, but the player also needs to do a lot of planning and be a bit creative. So pick the right weapon and get to crackin’ in this puzzle box of a game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

If you’re looking for a beautiful adventure game, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a great choice. Follow the path of a young warrior who investigates her origins in a world of apocalypse which is dominated by gigantic dinosaur robots. The game is amazingly playable and likeable with the great combat mechanics, and it is sure to provide hours upon hours of fun.